This is not a test

No, really. It’s not.

But lately I’ve noticed a lot of people discussing “cheat” days and “cheat” meals when they talk about eating.

Here’s the thing that occurred to me as I read yet another person talk about cheating on their diet – eating is not a test. There is no way to cheat on it.

I know, I’m guilty of saying it, too. I’ll say that I’m having a cheat day sometimes when I’m not paying attention to what I’m eating or when I know I’m eating something bad for me, but I need to stop saying it, too.

If we look at our diets as being something that we cheat on, then those cheats will be bad things.

It will be something that we look at as something that doesn’t last – tests, after all, are normally timed.

Tests also have acceptable outcomes – you pass, or you fail.

I don’t think any of those things should apply to my eating. I don’t want to “fail” because I had a mocha or a chocolate chip cookie or a small bowl of ice cream. I don’t want to “fail” because I lost 3 pounds in a month instead of 8.

This is my life. It isn’t something I want to be judged on. It isn’t something I want to think of as short term. (Yes, yes, I know – no one gets out of life alive, but I can at least enjoy it until then, right?)

So instead of talking about cheating, maybe it’s time to talk about eating reasonably and well. There’s no need to test ourselves.

There is no pass or fail!

There is no pass or fail!


About Katherine Sanger

Katherine Sanger was a Jersey Girl before getting smart and moving to Texas. She's been published in various e-zines and print, including Baen's Universe, Black Petals, Star*Line, Anotherealm, Lost in the Dark, Bewildering Stories, Aphelion, and RevolutionSF, and edited From the Asylum, an e-zine of fiction and poetry. Her poetry has won numerous awards, including First Place in Byline's "Autumn Poem" contest, First Place in "Lucky Thirteen" contest sponsored by Sol Magazine, and Honorable Mention in: The Houston Chapter Award, The Hap Fulgham Prize, and The "Varoom-Varoom" Award.
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